5 Hot Sizzling Ways to Be Seductive - No Sweat Methods to Seduce Women

Published: 14th October 2009
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Getting a girl all excited just by thinking of you is something beyond our human powers and telekinesis is something inborn. But you don't have to get all stressed with that - everything is actually possible nowadays. But instead of teaching telepathic powers, here's something much better - the top five hot sizzling ways to be seductive. They're pretty simple, exciting and something that any average Joe can do but the best part is, it's much sweat-free and effortless that what you've been expecting. So find out the sexy tips on how to excite her and finally make all your dreams come true.

* Stare at her up and down. Let it be known to her that you're checking her out (avoid looking so threatening or something too perverse for words). Stare at her up and down but with a hint of satisfaction in your eyes making her feel that you like what you're seeing --- she will definitely feel a little self-conscious but she's absolutely feeling the strong building up of sexual tension as well.

* Make her laugh. A good conversation is actually an aphrodisiac to the male species --- making her laugh is much better. There's a great chance she might just fall in love with you right before dessert is served. Your sense of humor is a turn on and women always find funny men charming and absolutely irresistible.

* Show a little chest. That's right --- unbutton a few on your shirt and let some skin out --- provided of course that you're fit. Showing off how comfortable and at ease you are with yourself will make you more appealing and women will go insanely curious about lies underneath that shirt.

* Smell irresistible. Always try to be presentable, looking and smelling good all the time --- a good scent is a actually a great way to turn her on to you big time as well. Avoid too strong scents however, stick to what you like or something subtle and mild --- they're much stronger aphrodisiacs.

* Take her somewhere nice and romantic. Of course, every girl in the world longs for a sweet and romantic fellow to come sweep them off their feet --- that's why you should often prioritize romance when you're out with a girl you're so totally into. Taking her somewhere nice and romantic is not only nice --- it's a great background to create attraction and build more sexual tension.

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