A Kiss She Won't Forget - Tips on How to Kiss Your Girlfriend

Published: 18th May 2009
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This isn't exactly the first time you kiss, but you do want to make it electrifying and downright pleasurable. Learn by heart that a kiss shared with your girlfriend is something that is supposed to be very beautiful and memorable. Stolen kisses are not an option. And if you're early in a relationship, don't kiss in public. The key factor here is to create a tender moment of love with your girl and nothing can compare to a kiss by showing your affection. Read on and know the tips on how to kiss your girlfriend.

First things first. Brush your teeth or pop a mint before doing the deed. The females view kissing as the most romantic and intimate form of contact. By smelling good, it would completely turn your girlfriend on.

Make your girlfriend feel comfortable. Talk. Make her laugh. Send out some signals like, touching her hand, putting your hand on her knee, tucking her hair behind her ear or stare deep into her eyes (with making her feel awkward of course). While you're at it, you might want to bring her to a relaxing place and create good atmosphere: soft music, not-too-blaring lights, completely peaceful environment. This will definitely set her on the mood. Observe her reaction. Is she easing up a bit? Is she starting to love the ambience? Does her eyes suddenly become droopy and had started giving you shy glimpses? Alright. Do not rush. Knowing the ways how to kiss your girlfriend is not enough. You much also know how to "read" her mind. No, that's a bit impossible. By reading, I meant that you should be sensitive with her body language.

Do not, in a spur of the moment (or when you thought the coast is clear and her lips are totally accessible), kiss her all of a sudden. I mean, that could work other times, but we're creating a very romantic kissing scene here. When you do feel that she's ready, lean close, stare on her lips. If she doesn't move an inch, lean even closer. Chances are, she's already so fired up and waiting for you to do the move or, better, lean closer to you instead! Either way, you both will definitely have a blast. Happy smooching!

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