Amazing Techniques to Keep a Girl Interested in You - Make Her Your Girlfriend Now!

Published: 27th October 2009
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Keeping a girl interested is something that can be a challenge to a regular guy. Sure, you can act totally yourself and enjoy every minute of it, but it's human nature to strive to impress someone we're perfectly attracted to. So to keep a girl interested, there are a few tested guidelines you need to follow first before you can show off your new attitude and the learned skills --- of course, you have a long way to go but being a master when it comes to attracting women is something most men have already achieved. So here are a few amazing techniques to keep a girl interested --- and finally make her your girlfriend instead!

* Have an air of mystery. Intrigue her --- that's one of the strongest ways to get her totally glued to you all night long. Women crave for drama when they want to and the more you maintain that air of mystery within you, the more she'd go back for more of you. So don't reveal everything right way. Make her dig for it.

* Don't be too available. Get a schedule. It means that you have a life and that you give in to your passions every once in a while. When a woman realizes that all you do is hangout at clubs ogling women, she'd definitely find that as a total turn-off. Make use of your time and try to be more wholesome.

* Give in to your passions. Have a talent --- and be proud of it! Women love men who have a talent, who has a career, you makes time to do the things he likes to do. It's important that you just don't focus everything on having a date on a Saturday night --- go ahead and explore all your options!

* Know how to send the right signals. It's a complete waste of time when you're out with girls and you don't flirt at all. It's like buying ice cream and just watch it melt under the basking glory of the sun. Do something! Attraction can be created and whoever said men can't seduce women is totally out of his mind. Try it.

* Let her know you're interested. Sometimes, you don't have to say it out loud to be understood --- your body language can reveal so much of your true intensions. Learn how to read her body language as well. You might be surprised of what they really mean.

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