Amazing Ways Guys Can Attract Girls

Published: 29th April 2009
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There are many ways guys can attract girls. Some of them are amazing, others are pathetic, even others are desperate. This article will focus on the amazing ways.

First of all you, you must know before attracting a girl, what a girl finds attractive. One thing a girl definitely doesn't find attractive, is a desperate guy, a guy who is trying too hard and finally a guy who is just like every other guy. You have to learn how to stand out and have a unique and exciting identity to girls. There are four amazing ways you can to do this listed below:

1. Never hit on a girl when you first meet her. No matter how beautiful or hot she may be, NEVER hit on in your first interaction. By doing so, it will make you come out to be the EXACT thing you are trying to avoid being perceived which I have mentioned above, which is being desperate guy and being perceived just like every other girl. A hot girl is used to being hit on; in fact she gets hit on all the time. In fact, she gets sick of it as it happens all the time and if you do it from the beginning, then she will shut you down, as she has to, otherwise she will be talking to thousands of men every day.

2. When first talking to a girl, your objective should be to start a conversation, a natural conversation not to hit on her. You want it to be a natural interaction like it is one between friends. Therefore, you should try to talk to her about topics that you would with your friends, particularly your female friends. Girls love to give female opinions, try to ask her for a female opinion.

3. Once you start the conversation and have established a comfortable and natural state with her that no longer makes you a stranger but now a friend and the possibility of being something more, now is when you move to transition and start attracting her. Again, you don't do it by hitting on her, not yet. The way you do it, is by demonstrating high value to her. This is how you create attraction. You can do it by telling her an interesting story (even better if you are part of the story) or making her laugh. This is where you have to stand out and be interesting.

4. This is where you want her to open up to you and get comfortable being close to you. She is now comfortable speaking to you, you have shown her you are not a creep (by not hitting on her), you have established a regular conversation ion with her and finally you have attracted her by also showing you are interesting guy. By this stage, you want to build comfort and trust with her. You do that by encouraging her to let out her emotions. Ask her questions about her childhood, her relationship with her family, etc. Get her talking about emotional subjects. All you have to do is listen.

By the time, you finish with step four the girl will be attracted to you and you will most likely be able to date her. These are great ways guys can attract girls.

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