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Published: 18th May 2009
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Now that he's your boyfriend, you enter the most challenging but definitely exciting part of the relationship: keeping both of you in love with each other. It's okay. You're both adjusting. And I know that you've been forever pondering on what do guys want in a girlfriend. Guys do have certain standards and ethics when it comes to relationships. Read on and be the ideal girlfriend of the century!

* Don't expect your guy to be a mind reader. Girls do this all the time. They would say one thing but mean another. Your guy will appreciate it if you cut the guessing game and tell them exactly what you want. When your guy fails to "read your mind", you suddenly develop mood swings that would eventually start a fight. Tone down, honey. Sometimes, being straight to the point can solve all your problems.

* Appreciate his hobbies. Support his passion. Sure, most girls aren't that sporty and into video games, but understand that your boyfriend is. So be his cheerleader and let him know you give value to the things he like.

* Have a life aside from your relationship. Guys would love to see you happy with your family and friends and being independent can be a great turn-on. Being with each other 24/7 can choke you out in a relationship and guys don't want to be smothered. Besides, it's great when you take the time to miss each other.

* Be sweet. Yes. Guys would kill to have a very sweet and lovable girlfriend. Your boyfriend may not admit it, but usually, guys make their girlfriends their number one mood-setter. If they had a bad day, they seek comfort from you, and sometimes, by cooking his favorite meal, giving him a big hug, a quick kiss or by cuddling up, it will make them relax and bask into your attention more.

* Let him go out with his friends. Guys swoon over cool girlfriends. When going on a night out with his friends do not pout your lips and get all jealous and cranky. Simply tell him to enjoy or have a blast and this will surely make him feel lucky to have a very confident, self-assured girlfriend --- and you will surely not leave his mind the entire night.

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