Discover If Your Best Friend Desires You - 5 Signs She Wants You Too!

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Getting attracted with a friend sure can be an overwhelming and exciting experience, but there are also a lot of hassle and bustle that can slow us down once in a while --- especially if you haven't revealed your true feelings to her just yet. When things take a sudden turn and you find yourself on crossroads, try to relax and take a deep breath --- being in love and attracted with a friend is not so terrible at all. It's actually normal and expected and there's no need for you to put too much pressure on yourself. There are even ways to discover if your best friend desires you as well! Here are the five signs to tell you she wants you too:

* She calls you --- just like that. When your girl starts checking up on you just to check up on you then take it as a good sign. She's definitely trying to make you see that she thinks of you as often as you do. When she gives you a call just for the hell of it, it's not just for the hell of it. She desires you too!

* She wants to hangout all the time. You need to improvise on this. Something which doesn't make you spend a lot. A walk in a park or in some place nice or hanging out in your place would be cool. From there, she can learn more about the things you like by the looks of your place.

* She gives you something nice. For no reason at all. Well, its one of the signs that she likes you. She gives you something which she definitely like and would want you to have it. That thing is something which she wants to share with you --- updating her of your whereabouts makes her good as well.

* She smiles and laughs a lot when you're together. Having you around makes her feel definitely light and good and she can't help but show it. When she can't help but smile and laugh at your jokes no matter how corny they are, just having you around is enough to keep her in a happy state.

* She asks if you have girlfriend. She wants to know if you're still available and it's a sign that you want to have her to be your girlfriend --- chances are you've told her about this certain crush or a hot babe you're rooting for --- but she clearly wants to make sure you're still unattached.

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