Find Out What Attracts the Scorpio Woman - Learn How to Get a Scorpio to Love You

Published: 29th April 2009
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Scorpio women are probably the hottest ticket in town. They are know for their passion, power and thirst for physical contact. If you have never been with a Scorpio, you have no idea what you are missing. Here are few tips on what attracts a Scorpio woman.

Scorpio women are very physical and like their men to be the same way. If you are a shy person, you better change quick because these women have insatiable sexual appetites and love to show their affection in public. She will hold your hand, sit in your lap and want to kiss you every chance she gets. You will find if she thinks you are the one, she is going to be attached to your hip every chance she gets.

Gold digger may not be fair, but it is the best way to explain their need for presents. You better be prepared to shell out lots of gifts to your new found Scorpio love. It is in their character to expect expensive gifts and for their man to take care of them. If you don't buy here these things, she will move on and find a man that can. They associate the gifts with your willingness to take care of them. She will demand that she be treated well in all aspects so you better be dedicated and devoted to her in every way.

Speaking of being dedicated, if you are thinking cheating or lying, you can kiss her goodbye. A Scorpio is like a human lie detector machine. They have an uncanny knack for knowing when their man is being dishonest. This goes against everything they believe in and you will quickly be dismissed from her life. However, if you are known to be honest with her and have build trust then that is what attracts a Scorpio woman.

As you can see, Scorpio's are a lot of work so daunting over her and paying a lot of attention to her should be expected. If you are out in public and away from her, make sure that you still give her that sly smile letting her know you are still the main thing in her thoughts. You always have to let her know that she is where your mind always is.

Learning what attracts a Scorpio woman is a lot of work and so are they. However, it is without reservation that it can be stated they are well worth it. You are going to get a passionate woman that will satisfy your every need if she thinks you are the one for her. This is not a woman you want to play games with. She is in it for the long haul and will dedicate herself to you, she just asks for the same in return.

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