Flirting 101 - What is Considered Flirting? - More Ways to Find Out Someone is Flirting at You

Published: 18th May 2009
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Trying to find out if someone is flirting with you is tricky, not to mention risky. However, flirting is normal, harmless and fun and sometimes, it's easy to detect them. But you might one to consider these following factors:

Number one, they might just be too friendly or they think that's how normal conversation would go. Number two, they might be flirting with a lot of people at the same time, so don't keep your hopes up yet. And number three, you can never be really sure. The one thing you might consider in trying to find what is considered flirting is by not reading too much of their expression. Light flirting is harmless and hard to detect. Below are some signs that might help you find out what is considered flirting. Good luck on flirting back!

Flirting is about 90% non-verbal so just because she's not flashing you a leg or leaning at you doesn't mean she's not flirting. Slowly licking her lips while staring at yours with those droopy eyes is one sign, and if she's flipping her hair too much, laughing too much at your not that funny jokes, leaning at you, wanting to be closer, touching your hand, your knee or your shoulder, fixated gaze, mimics your body movement, open palms, showing the inside of her wrists, being too sweet, talks way louder, moves in a bit of exaggeration, pouting her lips, observing your reaction on everything, small baby talks, blushing, giggling, raised eyebrows, listening intently while you talk, playing with her accessories, and is shyly making eye contact but holds it for a few moments --- bingo. Surefire signs she's flirting. A definite go signal for you to flirt back!

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