Getting Married Signs - Is He Ready to Pop the Big Question?

Published: 05th October 2009
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Getting married is such a big step to take for any man --- it's like letting go of their bachelor days, the girls, the booze, the late nights --- and finally settle down with the woman of his dreams. Of course, it's not something you just figure out out of the blue. It's a very special day and he's probably in love to the bones. Now, you may be anticipating each moment when he'll pop the question but maybe you need to pay more attention to his body language --- is he showing getting married signs at last? If you have no clue, below are a few tips to find out if he's ready to pop the big question:

* Future plans.He talks a lot about the future --- possibly a new career, where to settle down, maybe a business to put up. A man who's ready to get married (and have thought of it long and hard) is so much looking forward for the future that he tells you all about it. And there's a big chance you're included in it as well.

* Having kids.You may know this already --- typical men are just scared with the mention of kids. Being a daddy is not a joke and the responsibility that goes with it is totally big and sturdy. Mention about it once or twice and observe his reactions. If he's smiling and may seem lost in thought while talking about how many kids he wants, that's a good sign.

* No more night-outs. He's cut off spending so much time with his friends drinking and smoking and the late night-outs are now so rare. By this time, he might have conditioned himself to be a little grounded --- and focus more on the bigger things to come. Like, marriage.

* Keeping in touch.He constantly communicates with you and will make jokes about getting married and having kids. Don't shrug it off --- they mean more than that. Chances are, he's trying to weigh the possibility of you saying no --- and that would crush him. So sound happy and excited too when he is.

* A happier better man. His temper has calmed down, he's cut on his vises and he never slacks off for the hell of it. He may be more focused to his career or job and seemed to be a little concerned with money matters --- take it as a big sign he's ready to say "I do" with you! A man who's ready is happier and better than he ever was before.

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