How Prolonged Eye Contact Smiling Can Perfect the Process of Flirting

Published: 28th April 2009
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Flirting is something that we can do without the use of words. It is a centuries old language of the eyes and facial expressions as well as body movements that is like a dance. It comes natural to most of us, and it shows how much we care for another; and we use many gestures to make sure that this is understood by the person that are affection is for. That is why prolonged eye contact with smiling is one of the best flirting methods out there.

As mentioned one of the best ways to be a great flirt is by knowing how to use the eyes to relay a message. The eyes as they say are the mirror of one's soul, and in being so they can relay many messages. The eyes can flirt for you, if you use them right, and often times they do it for you without you realizing it.

Prolonged eye contact with smiling for flirting is an art in its own right. Women can draw in a man this way with barely any effort. There is no right way to do this it is just something that usually you instinctively know. It must be a natural action, if it is not it may come off as rehearsed or phony. Women should raise her eye brows when she is looking into the eyes of a man that she is interested in.

You do not want to come off as a stalker with an intense scary stare. You should have a light gaze and smile in a subtle way. This is a natural flirtatious look. It is not creepy or weird it just shows a pleasant form of interest.

Men can perfect their gaze that could bring a woman to her knees. Men can have a long gaze into a woman's eyes being very subtle, with a slight smile that will make their flirtation successful. Many couples will go out on a date often based just on the eye contact and its intensity. Eyes do not lie, and they tell a lot about you. They are the best tool you have for flirtation.

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