How to Deal When You're in Love With a Friend - 5 Ways to Overcome the Tension

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Girl best friends are always one of the most amazing perks in a guy's life and it's quite foreseeable that you will fall in love with her sooner or later. It can be called a problem in one way or another but have you ever tried to see the possibility that you can actually turn her into your lover? Yes, it's definitely possible! No need to go all so dramatic about it. Below are a few things to remember on how to deal when you're in love with a friend - and finally make her something else!

* Don't freak out. Always keep your cool and be yourself. If you feel a little bit of nervous being with her or when you bump into her, always remember to keep focused because most people who don't always get things messed up. Most guys would end up freaking out and wallowing in misery when they realize they're attracted with a friend - which shouldn't be.

* Don't start avoiding her. Ask yourself ---why avoid her? It's definitely not her fault why you've developed strong feelings for her. And besides, you never even did the first move - everything relies on your hands and nothing will absolutely take place if you don't do anything about it.

* Get a little make-over. Falling in love is a good thing and maybe it's about time for you to do a little something for yourself - maybe you always appear haggard and stinky when you meet up with her - do the both of you a favor by appearing extra made-up for a change. She will surely not miss it.

* Try new things together. Be creative. Try to do the things which you've never done before. She will definitely start to see you at a different light. If you haven't been on a real date before or watched a flick inside the movie theatre together, then now's the perfect time to do the move.

* Enjoy it for a while. Show her that you enjoy each and every moment that you're together - don't wallow in pain and misery thinking that confessing your feelings will be enough to ruin the friendship - still spend time with her, don't ever think of avoiding her and keep things good between the two of you. When you gain enough guts and confidence, then that the time you confess your true feelings at last.

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