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Published: 18th May 2009
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Rejection is the most lethal thing that stops men from pursuing the women of their dreams. The fear of rejection is strong and being denied is big sting to the ego. However, the most successful people have their same dose of the negative stuff. By being rejected, we actually become better persons. Hey, the most triumphant actually have the most number of rejections but instead of making you feel down, use it as a weapon to make you handle rejection and pursue life with more intensity and passion like never before.

• It's not the end of the world. Everyone gets rejected no matter who they are. This should not stop you from exploring your other million options. Remember that she's not the only girl out there and there are practically a lot girls vying to get your attention.

• Keep your cool. If she says no, do not lose your wits and act desperate. Be composed and calm and say its fine. This would make her feel like you're not worried at all and that would leave her bothered that she just let go of a cool, independent and confident guy every girl might kill to have. Keep the emotions under control.

• It's okay to wallow. Okay. That hurt. It's alright to wallow for a while (but do it alone please). Give in to your other passions. Do you play a musical instrument? Are you writer? Can you cook? It's much better to use all the negative vibe to something useful than by getting drunk. Keep yourself busy. It'll make you forget faster.

• Move on. Getting rejected should not stop you from pursuing other girls and other hobbies. Everyone fails in a certain point but that doesn't mean you have to lose your zest for life. These are just little things that add spice and meaning to our days. Someday; we will look back and find ourselves smiling.

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