How to Make a Guy Jealous - 5 Teasing Ways to Make Him Want You More

Published: 24th September 2009
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Jealousy can a bit tempting and exciting - it can be proof that someone is totally into you. A sign of jealousy can also be good - just as long as it's not destructive. Trying to make a guy jealous is a gamble in your part - it's either going to make him pursue you more or just plainly walk away or never look back. That's why it's important to find out if he likes you, even just a tiny bit. When all your attempts fail, it's probably because you didn't do it right or he simply sees you as a friend. And that hurts. Anyway, here are a few tips for you to do if you want to know how to make a guy jealous - let's hope it makes him want you more!

* Tell him about your guy friends. It's better if he has met these friends of yours before - that could give him a better picture of the two of you together. When you're both in this critical stage of trying to find out if you're really into each other or not, trying to make him jealous (and being successful) will only make it clear enough that this guy has already fallen for you. So tell him about your other guy friends and what you usually do when you hangout.

* Chat animatedly with another guy - when he's around. Let's say you just saw a good old guy friend walk by (make sure you're really friends or else he'll be so weirded out) and get into a little chitchat. The closer you seem together, the more your guy will think he's got competition. When he asks a lot of questions right after your conversation with your friend, he's definitely curious (or even already jealous!).

* Ask about his girls (or exes) casually. Asking about his exes can be a sensitive topic but go ahead and make it sound like you're just asking him what he had for breakfast. Limit it to about three questions only - and then shrug it off. That would make him feel like you're not affected and that would make you appear even cooler.

* Say something about your ex.Nothing too personal please, like how he's such a great kisser and anything similar. Just say something like, you used to hangout in this really cool place where you want to take your guy as well - that could make him a bit mad and possessive. Or a gift an ex gave you. Anything not too important about your ex - it's enough to drive him dying with curiosity.

* Don't overdo it.Or else he'll think that you're intentionally making him jealous - he will either be furious or would get a little turned off. Remember that jealousy is sign of insecurity sometimes so there's actually no point into feeling it - or making someone feel it too. But it can be a little fun and wicked - just don't overdo it or else, things will get out of hand - and bitter in the end.

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