How to Make Her Talk to You - Get Her to Do the First Move!

Published: 30th October 2009
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Vying for a girl's attention is a feat we've all been through --- it's a part of life and it's absolutely a part of being a man. There is just something about women that keeps us motivated and inspired --- although it can be a frustrating and a traumatic experience every once in a while, it shouldn't slow you down --- experience will definitely get you a long way. Being around women is actually a very overwhelming and liberating experience but striking them in a conversation is another challenge altogether. But don't worry too much --- there are actually tips on how to make her talk to you --- do the first move now!

* Look and smell irresistibly good. Your physical attributes are the very basic step in attracting women and it's important that you always strive to look and smell irresistibly good for the ladies --- smelling good can also be an aphrodisiac and of course, we all want to look hot and sexy for the opposite sex. That's your best bet into making her open up to you.

* Send the right mixed signals. Flirt your way to her heart --- flirting can be playful and teasing and the more you make her feel good the more at ease she'd feel to share more about herself. Learn how to read her body language and find out if she'd flirt right back to you. So give in to your impulses and have fun while flirting!

* Don't be to over-eager. Don't hog the entire conversation --- your goal is to get her to talk to you --- not her sitting prettily across you listening while you whine all night long. Be cool and laidback --- make her feel relaxed as well so she'd be more comfortable in having a conversation with you.

* Have a sense of humor. Make her laugh --- there's no better ice breaker. It's one great way to melt her defenses and get her to trust you. Having a great sense of humor and killer wit will surely impress her big time without much of an effort in your part --- and of course, go ahead and share a laugh or two with you too!

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