How to Seduce and Tempt the Female Cancer? 5 Secrets to Turn Her On

Published: 14th October 2009
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The female Cancer is known for their gentle and nurturing nature. It's almost impossible to anger them, especially if you're someone very special. They appreciate kind gestures, would get emotionally beaten if they'd encounter an argument with a loved one and will try to make amends to be back together again. That's why being in the arms of a Cancer woman is overwhelming, something that every guy should experience. So when you find yourself attracted to one, here are some tips on how to seduce and tempt the Female Cancer --- get to know these five secrets to turn her on.

* Don't send mixed signals. Although a Cancer woman would appreciate romance through courtship in way or another, it's probably best if you get right down to business and make your intentions clear from the very beginning. Get it straight to the point. Are you truly in love with her or are you just looking for a fling? Whatever it is, better be downright with her or she'd just be indifferent.

* Never ever rush her. Cancer women are known to be very sensitive, gentle and nurturing --- that's why she might expect the same with you. She values patience and would wait --- no matter how long it takes. That's why as her future lover, you should know the meaning of perseverance. You will need it with her.

* Communicate with her emotional side. Once you get a Cancer interested, don't hesitate to ask her serious and personal questions. They have a very strong emotional side that can overwhelm them so much and you could hit on this soft spot of hers to make her finally fall in love with you.

* Get fixed and stand firm in your decisions. If you keep leaving her hanging on thin air, she might just snap and completely think of you as a total jerk. Telling her you love her and then not showing your face for a good one week will get her totally riled to the point of being indifferent and won't pursue setting the records straight with you anymore.

* Make her feel comfortable. The female Cancer is very much connected with her home --- they love the comfort and that laidback feeling and they're at their best when they're at ease. That's why when you're with her and you're hoping to get her interested with you, it's important that you make her trust you --- that way she will be comfortable to open up and share something more of herself.

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