How to Tell If a Girl Wants You - Learn the Signals and Make Her Yours

Published: 18th May 2009
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Is it making me you crazy trying to figure and how to tell if a girl wants you? Believe me or not, it's actually easy. Girls become more "sensitive" when they start wanting you. They become louder, more expressive, antsy, giggly, attention-grabbing, pays more attention with the way they look, more of a worry wreck with their dress, hair, become more talkative and most of all, they focus their entire attention on you. They may either invade your space and become totally inclined to get full spotlight of your interest. Now there are some girls who are more discreet and subtle in trying to tell you that they want you. Are these enough? Read on and find more on how to tell if a girl wants you...

* They want to meet you often. She starts asking about your schedule, what you'll do on a weekend and if you're still about to take that trip downtown wherein she's planning to take a drive there too. When asking them out, they will make some excuses but in the end, they always give in.

* She's very sweet. Period. She always wants to know what you think. Worries if you don't text or call. Tells you she misses you (maybe in a joking manner but hey, these comments are absolutely true!), wants you to meet her close friends, will smile often, laugh often and make you feel totally at ease.

* She will play hard to get, but will still yes anyway. If she says no, it's not a no. Sometimes, rejection is a signal that she's vying to know if you would pursue her or not. Girls want to be wanted, and if they are the ones wanting you, it would take some time before they admit this to themselves. So be patient. It'll be worth it in the end.

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