How to Tell If Your Best Friend Likes You Too - 5 Signs She Secretly Desires You

Published: 22nd October 2009
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She's been the primary reason you're spending a lot of sleepless night and she just can't leave your head no matter what you do. The thing is you're in love with your best friend and you absolutely have no idea what to do about it - purely, it's never really an issue if you're attracted to your best friend - being in love is supposed to be not something you should miserable about. Getting her to like you will absolutely be the number one step into actually being a potential lover - and be a little sensitive about her body language as well. Below are a few tips on how to tell if your best friend likes you too and get to decode her signs she desires you as well!

* Checks up on you all the time. It's a sign that she misses you and thinks about you a lot. Never be available most of the time. Update each other about your whereabouts - I know it's cheesy but it's a necessary evil if you want her to develop deep feelings for you too.

* Wants to hangout always. Seeing you all the time makes her feel good and absolutely in a light mood that's why don't start wondering why she would like to hangout with you all the time. Hanging out may be something totally innocent for you but girls want to be surrounded by things that make them happy - and you're one of them.

* Sends you something nice. When a girl sends you something nice and there's no occasion, she's definitely trying to make you realize something - and it's more than a friend thing. When things get pretty personal with her, she would do her best to make get you to notice even her smallest gestures - and giving you a present surely does make her happy.

* Flirts and teases you a lot. When she's always in a hyper and playful mood when you're around, there's a great possibility she's already attracted to you. Having you around makes her happier and lighter - we can't emphasize on that more.

* Takes time to be sweet. She asks you how you are and shows concern when you're down - she is simply trying to be a sweet friend and hopes that you start to see her as more than that. When a girl gets romantic with you, get your hopes high - she's absolutely so into you by now.

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