Know the Virgin of the Zodiac - What Attracts a Virgo Woman? Know Her Deeply

Published: 29th April 2009
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The Virgin sign of the zodiac is surprisingly, not weak or pathetic. She is actually the opposite. She is a blend of attractiveness and brains, with great courage and confidence. Their determination is very powerful that once she makes a decision, she will work long and hard to get it. But what attracts a Virgo woman most of all? Having a charming and uncomplicated character, she would chase pleasure all the time. And if you prefer a conservative, all-fashioned rational woman, then she is the woman for you.

The Virgo woman would like a man who is as intelligent and detailed as she is for she wants to create a strong bond with her partner. Poetry should be set aside for a Virgo wants someone who is practical and realistic. What attracts a Virgo woman to someone is basically, hygiene, so make sure to shower, brush your teeth, trim your nails and dress accordingly when meeting up. They can be perfectionists to the very sense of the word and are highly critical even to themselves. They aim for excellence and will not stop for the mediocre. As a result she may become restless for the pursuit of superiority, and oftentimes attacked by nervousness. She can get cranky and extremely irritable, so you should know how to calm her down. Assure her of your presence and let her know everything's going to be just fine.

A Virgo woman is a peacemaker and despises war freaks to the bone. As her man, you are expected to be optimistic, calm and collected to soothe her worries. In return the Virgo woman will be passionately be loyal to you and will have the determination to keep you happy. However, as an analytical thinker, she likes to consider all the facts and options before jumping into a relationship. So be patient. It'll all be worth it in the end.

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