Man's Guide to Seduction - How to Be Seductive With Women

Published: 18th May 2009
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Although women are more seduction-masters than men, this should not discourage you to unleash your sensual side. Everybody can be seductive! And you don't need to be super rich or drop dead gorgeous to know how to be seductive with women. However, you must know that being seductive is a skill. It is not something you learn overnight and definitely takes practice for you to become a total babe magnet. Get ready to take a crash course.

• The intense gaze. Maintain eye contact without appearing creepy. Do the lopsided grin. Travel your gaze up and down her body (again without appearing creepy). Let her feel that you're checking her out and that you like what you're seeing.

• Get closer. You can do this in a million thousand ways. Whisper in her ear, lean towards her while attempting to reach a napkin. Tap on her shoulder lightly and comment about the ambience. Touch her knee while trying to emphasize a point. Whatever it is, attempt to move closer.

• Smell good. Having a pleasant scent is a major turn on and if women get a whiff of your perfume or cologne, they're brains give off some hormones that'll send their insides raging to get close to you. Some do some little hygiene ritual before hitting on the girls.

• Flirt. Hold their gaze, stare at their lips, wink, be cool, stay calm, be relaxed and comfortable. Flirting is fun and harmless and a great way to seduce the women.

• Don't come too strong. Or else women will view you as a stalker. Again, no need to rush and act overtly eager to finally getting the chance to talk with the girls. Keep that mysterious air about you. Girls are attracted to something puzzling.

Going back, I said seduction is a skill. If you want to transform into a total babe magnet and know more tips on how to be seductive with women, visit my website and get a hold of my more detailed reports on dating, flirting and seduction, that'll guarantee you to have a blast with the girls.

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Mark Taylor is an expert on seduction attraction and dating. He has helped thousands of men attract beautiful women and get over their shyness and transform into confident men.

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