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Published: 18th May 2009
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Flirting through text messages is fun, not to mention the cheapest and easiest way to seduce that girl you've been eying for the longest time. It's less stressful and you can always watch your words. You don't have to get dressed to let someone know you like them (though eventually we will get to that) and its perfect for shy guys to express themselves to their girl. Below are some tips on how to make those flirty text messages, guaranteed to work wonders:

• Word play. Make your words move. Make them real. They should be visual and descriptive. Flirty text messages are usually just short but make use of strong words.

• Be sensual. But not downright straight to the point. Send mixed signals or with double meaning. This will tease her brain.

• Make use of quotes. Send the quote first and then your opinion afterward. Make sure to be playful and lighthearted, don't barrage her with your analytical mind and start discussing on grammar and subject-verb agreement. That would definitely going to ruin the mood.

• Tacky talk. When girls go cheesy with guys, it's a signal that they're interested and would like to hang with you. And guys are actually the same. So start digging into your old pick-up (but still effective) lines that you think would send your girl up for some text flirting marathon.

• Don't overanalyze. Hold the reins. When she's flirting back through text with you, don't assume she's really that into you. Texting is harmless and nothing is to be taken seriously. So have some fun at the moment. If your flirting works, then there's plenty of time to work on going serious and steady.

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