Running Out of Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend? - Amazing Sweet Things to Say Your Girlfriend

Published: 28th April 2009
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For the sake of argument, we are going to assume that you have been with your girlfriend for quite some time and she knows you inside and out. Making her knees buckle early on is pretty easy as she will fall for just about anything that you throw at her, girls love the honeymoon phase. As time goes by, you are going to have to be sincere or all you are going to get is a "yeah, whatever, what do you want?" response. You can still get those knees buckled, you just have to know the right sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

When your girlfriend looks great, tell her just that. Don't make a big production out of it but when she makes your jaw drop, just tell her "God you are beautiful!" She is going to know if you mean it or not so don't try pulling the wool over her eyes. When she looks great, let her know.

It is not that hard to come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Just think of her wonderful traits and reminder of them. One thing that happens in a lot of relationships is that you start to take each other for granted. When you had first told each other that you loved one another, the "I Love You" phrase was being thrown around like you were asking someone for a stick of gum.

After a while, it never seems to get said anymore. Make it a point to sneak up on her every now and then, wrap your arms around her waist and whisper those magical words in her ear for absolutely no reason. I delicate "I love you" whispered in her ear will go a long way.

You can read all you want and look for great ideas in how to romance your girl or how to let her love you, but the bottom line is that all you really need to do is take a glance inside and figure out what it is about here that drives you wild and tell her about it. There is nothing like sincerity in a relationship. You may think it's corny, she is going to love it!

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