Secrets to Effective Flirting - How to Detect Signs of Serious Flirting

Published: 18th May 2009
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Flirting is fun and harmless. It's never wrong to flirt with anyone and it's definitely okay to flirt with a lot of people at the same time. But when do we know that someone is already sending signs of serious flirting? Okay, let us first define the issue at hand. Serious flirting is when someone is giving you obvious signals that they are attracted to you and will be wanting more than just a mere exchange of words. The context is most definitely sexual and usually, the flirt can go lengthy measures on telling you exactly what they want.

So how do you deal with them? Unless you're up for a wild night, it's perfectly normal to let yourself be seduced by obvious flirts. And by obvious flirts, I meant those who are blatantly showing interest in you. Bear in mind, however, that these flirts are just open for one night stands, openly not serious or short-lived relationships. Some just even last a night. Like a spur of the moment, but guaranteed to be totally memorable and superb. If you're feeling adventurous and bold tonight, then go get hooked. There's no need to fret. Go on and enjoy the moment. That's the best part of being single!

Prolonged eye contact becomes intense prolonged eye contact, and touching is very normal. Kissing is more likely to happen and talking "dirty" can follow. Before you get all hyped up, it's rare to find girls who are up for some serious flirting marathon. Now, if you're planning to be one, it'll take some practice and probably a few shots of beer. Super confidence is needed followed by your experienced and proficient skills on striking up a conversation, flirting techniques (of course) and a lot of witty word play.

Still reeling from the possibility? If you still think you need to find out more about signs of serious flirting, visit my website and get a dose of fun, exciting and exhilarating techniques and methods on dating, flirting and seduction. And yes, it's possible for you to snag that hot babe you've been vying for.

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