Seduction Techniques to Attract Your Best Friend - 5 Tricks to Get Her Into You

Published: 30th October 2009
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Best friends are one of the best things about life - especially if she happens to be a girl. Chances are, she's your huge crush since middle school and you've been daydreaming of the day when she finally sees you more than just a buddy. She may mean extremely important to you and she haunts your dreams all day and night and you practically want to do something about it - well, why don't you? Nothing's going to take place if you just sit there and rely on destiny to take its place. So try these few seduction techniques to attract your best friend - finally get her to like you at last!

* Avoid being together 24/7. Being together all the time can be a bit overwhelming - it's a bit of a torture to you since you're already harboring feelings for her. So to get out of the routine (and to make you breathe once in a while) disappear for a little time and make her miss you.

* Start to go out with other girls. No, you're not trying to forget about your friend and your feelings for her - going out with other girls is just a way for you to gain more confidence and for you to learn how to be more sociable. And of course, once you spend some time with the opposite sex aside from your friend, she'll start to see you at a different light as well.

* Get her something nice. So you keep buying her a nice stuffed toy every year during her birthday - it's time to get a bit more creative that that now. Try to give her something else that would totally make her remember you - or something that you know she would really like.

* Learn how to flirt. Flirting is a definite way to get her to notice you - flirting is harmless and will absolutely make her get more intrigued and curious about your mixed signals - so get geared up and finally learn how to flirt like a pro! The excitement never ceases after that.

* Make moves on her. Let's be all frank about - nothing's going to happen to you if you don't do a thing. It's self-explanatory. So if you get in there and make moves on her, there's a great chance she'd budge and get to notice you as well.

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