Signs She's a Player - Find Out If She's Just Going to Break Your Heart

Published: 15th October 2009
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Girls can be pretty complicated and tricky - and the worst part is getting involved with a player. Women can do lost of tricks to have us twirled around their fingers and the more you get wrapped up with your emotions, the more they can get the better of you. Well, it's not say saying that there's something wrong about being honest with your feelings - however, the thing with women is that you need to know a couple of moves and a few tricks to keep pace with them. They have certain and wants and needs from a man and of course, who can ever forget the "certain standards" they set up. Now, when things start to get really freaky with her, you can't help but wonder if she's being genuine, or just being nice or actually being a player. Below are the five signs she's a player and finally find out if she's just going to break your heart:

* She'll ditch you for her friends. It has happened many times before (or more than twice) and you have no choice but to act all cool about it. Well, typically, a girl would ditch her friends for her boyfriend (but most friends can understand that) but if she can't make quality time for you and kept prioritizing her friends all the time, then maybe she's not that really into you.

* She loves to flirt with other guys. You're out on a date together and she's still all-out openly flirting with other guys. Well maybe it's all about her personality but normally, when you're with someone special, more than half of your attention is focused on your partner and not on the other members of the opposite sex. It's downright rude --- or maybe she's just used in checking up all the hot guys out there.

* She's often late and with a lot of excuses. She may have the tendency to become overtly detailed --- usually a simple murmur of "traffic" is enough but when she gives you an elaborate description of her bad hair day, annoying neighbor and how she forgot friend's birthday party, then expect that it's definitely something else.

* She doesn't mind where you're going. You tell her you're going out with your buddies on a weekend and that you'd probably be home in the wee hours of the morning. Most girlfriends would grunt and scowl in disagreement but would still wish you to have a good time --- but when she cheerfully kisses you on the cheek and tell you to have fun, she might just really doesn't care at all.

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