Sweet Nicknames for Your Girlfriend - Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend: Go Ahead and be Mushy

Published: 07th April 2009
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Almost everybody has nicknames. It's shorter, more charming and shows that you and the one calling you by your nickname are close and shares a certain bond. Nicknames are cute but you know what's cuter? It's giving cute names to call your girlfriend. Nothing could be sweeter. It gives a certain level of romance to your relationship. There's nothing dreamier and lovable and it keeps the romance alive when you call you beloved one with a cute nickname.

There are many cute names to call you girlfriend. Having a loveable special name for your girlfriend signifies the intimacy and familiarity in your love life. You can thoughtfully choose some cute names for your girlfriend to express your feelings and affection for her. Decide on a name that bears a resemblance to her traits and personality. For example, if your girlfriend is very lovable, then you may call her by the name of "Lovey Dovey" or "Angel". The list can be endless. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the times that are both significant and unforgettable for the both you. Does she like to sleep? You can go ahead and call her "Sleeping Beauty" then. If she likes to sing, you can call her "My Melody". Also, calling your girlfriend by a cute name can be a way to smoothen things up during a fight or misunderstanding. It can be a constant reminder of your love and devotion for each other.

These cute names are commonly used in hush-hush times, when you want to romance with your beloved one. It can heighten your anticipation with each other and indicates understanding and confidence. Some people would deem it corny or mushy but whatever. Love is supposed to be corny, right? Enjoy the mushiness!

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