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Published: 18th May 2009
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Of course, nothing beats the "I love you" part. However, be careful of overusing it. If this is all you can say to your girlfriend, it could get worn-out and lose its meaning altogether. Remember that girls are more reserved on saying these three big words. While the guys are considered more prone to sweet talk, it's usually a challenge for them to keep the romance alive through words. Girls like a guy who can express himself and make her feel beautiful, important and totally loved. Below are some other sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Reflect on each one and keep the romance alive!

You're my everything. Big words. Saying this to your girlfriend will mean that she's your world and that you can't live without her. Sure, you love sports and will die without your friends. But make her feel she's of utmost importance as well.
You're beautiful. Ego-booster for the female species. This is always a woman's weakness and by constantly reminding your girlfriend that she's beautiful will make her feel great inside.
You make me very happy. Girls may not say it often but you do make them happy. By saying the same thing, you're establishing a solid connection that you can't live without the other.
I've been waiting for you all my life. A very sweet thing to say when you're both having deep talks alone. Pop the words all of a sudden and it's a guarantee to make your girl fall in love with you everyday.
I don't want to lose you. A bit clingy but this works. Most girls would want to feel that you are dependent of their love and care. This could also bring out their protective side to you.
I love it when you smile. Girls are more likely to have mood swings and don't you just hate it when she's all grumpy and bratty? During times when you're making her smile or laugh, insert this line in between and be sure to get her blushing in no time.

See? Being sweet is simple. You don't need to be overtly embellished to keep your love burning and the romance alive. Being true and sincere is all that matter, and of course, your undying devotion to your girlfriend.

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