The Art of Face Reading - How to Read Faces

Published: 29th April 2009
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When you identify how to read faces, you will realize that this is a good basis on finding out more to a person than your first impression. You will observe if they can accept you for who are and if you accept them as well. You can be able to discover if you have similar likes and dislike, sex drives, wants, inner desires, how much love they need (and will give you), how compassionate and encouraging they are --- the breakthrough if you know hoe to read faces is continuous.

There are also a lot of perks when you know hot read faces. You'll be able to communicate to all kinds of people you will meet more without difficulty and understand deeper, more significant and meaningful relationships. To someone who knows how to read faces, there is no such thing as an unattractive or bare face. That's because, to a face reader there is no such thing as an ugly or even a plain face. You'll be able to come across the amazing hidden expressions even to the most common faces.

First, try a little experiment. Read your own face. Look in the mirror under fine lights. Become aware of the shape of your features, mouth, cheeks and eyes. And then, find out if you are more reactive or aggressive. Take note of your strong features for these are the main parts of your face that can show greater emotion. A person with huge, wide-set eyes, prominent note with a soft top, full lips or a long and narrow face shape is impulsive and spontaneous. Watch or the eye movements as well, if it blinks rapidly, a person is tense or worried. If the lips are open, it may mean the person is tired or run down. If the lips are pursed, it may mean the person is irritated or angry. If someone is constantly licking or biting his lips, it may mean he is nervous or worried.

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