Tips to Get Your Girl Hooked - Make Her Yours Forever

Published: 18th May 2009
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Okay. It's not enough that this girl likes you back. She has apparently made it clear that she also digs you and finds you sweet and is willing to go out on dates with you at last. And then, here you are, wanting her so bad. You want her to be completely glued and hooked on you for entirely. The going-on-your-knees and professing-your-undying-love may back fire or just won't work. So take these little tips to get your girl hooked. And make her yours forever!

Do not be available 24/7. You heard that right. Though you do want to be accessible to her every whim all the time, this would make her feel that you're being obsessive and might be stalking her. Do not call or text all day (unless she does). This will make you look desperate. Instead, be cool. Ask her on a date, text her sometimes just to let her know you're thinking of her. Drooling is not an option.
Make her feel special. When a girl finally says she likes you, do not be so comfortable by it. Keep being thoughtful. Continue saying sweet things to her and let her feel secure and cared for. Girls are suckers for romantic guys.
Constantly remind her that she's extraordinary. It might be during a usual conversation, or you can blurt it out every once in a while. Like guys, girls would like to pump up their egos and this will absolutely make her glued on you.Be a good listener. Girls love to whine and talk all day. Listen and offer an advice. She may take it or leave it but believe me, she will totally appreciate you being involved.
Do not forget yourself. By putting extra effort on how you look, dress and move, this will add up to your charisma and make a girl swoon, reminding herself how lucky she is to have you. But remember: be yourself. Nothing beats it when you show your true colors.

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