Transform Her From Friend to Lover - Amazing Tips to Make Her Your Girlfriend

Published: 14th October 2009
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Knowing how to transform a friend to lover is one of the most complicated, trickiest things to do --- and the paranoia and worry can be crazy. However, if you're not going to do anything about it, you'll get stuck on that frightening dead zone forever, and we don't want that. Suppressing something as wonderful as love is absolutely not right that's why you must take measures when you've just realized you're in love with your friend --- and be more than just that. Don't fret --- you don't have to worry about risking the friendship and anything in between. There are actually ways to put your relationship into a different level! Below are just a few amazing tips to make her your girlfriend --- get to know how to transform her from to love now!

* Quit being too "friendly". Anything too friendly or too nice is bound to stay that way forever. Translation: be a little more exciting! It doesn't mean being too friendly or being too nice is boring, it's just something that doesn't really thrill her so much. So initiate acting way beyond being a friend --- that's going to be a good start.

* Don't hang-out. Date. That's right --- learn to strike the difference between the two. When you're out together, don't make it look like a typical lunch or hanging out on your usual tree house like what you usually do since middle school. Ask her out on a date --- and be sure to emphasize the word date. Or you can simply ask her out and add, "Just the two of us," on it.

* Tell her she's very pretty. When was the last time you did? Or did you ever compliment her, even once in the past? Start getting all those compliments on gear and learn how to flatter her for a change. It simply shows you're seeing her as more than a friend --- and chances are, she will too.

* Act protective of her. Sometimes, being protective entails being jealous and possessive --- so be exactly that! Nothing can be a much louder message when you suddenly become jealous of her crush or other guy friends --- it means you see her as someone you need to take care of and look after. Sweet!

* Make her miss you. If you've been spending so much time together and she hardly notices your sudden change of heart, disappear for while. Make her miss you. Don't answer her calls and avoid going to places where she'll likely be. She will definitely wonder and start missing you! This is a perfect strategy to do before you finally confess your feelings. Good luck!

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