What Do Men Find Attractive? - 5 Characteristics Every Woman Should Have

Published: 24th September 2009
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What do men find attractive? We all know how some men would for go after any woman they lay their eyes too, but truth is, men do have some certain standards when it comes to the women of their dreams - however, it is also true that most men would qualify you with the way you carry yourself - and yes, it pays if you have a pretty face and a nice body. But strictly speaking, a big number of guy usually fall head over heels with the girl that will fit their description of a perfect dream girl. It's time for you to get to know the five characteristics every woman should have - men will find you attractive If you have:

* Confidence. A woman oozing with sex appeal always catches the attention of any male alive - but you can never have sex appeal if you do not have enough confidence in you - that's the hidden secret. Sometimes, in order for you to become attractive and charming to men, you must first love yourself and actually believe that you are attractive and charming. More often than not, it's all in the mind, baby. So better do some attitude make-over.

* Passion. Everybody loves a girl with a fighting spirit within her. Knowing what you want and how to get it increases your chances to become a total hot babe - and it entails your status of becoming totally sexy and appealing to men. Show that you're more than a whiner and that you actually have ambition of your own. That's what keeps you apart from all the other girls.

* Sweetness. All guys love a sweet girl - it's supposed to inborn. Being thoughtful and sweet can add up to your allure as a woman and most men would crave for a woman's touch - the feeling is always phenomenal. You don't have to be all giggly and chummy all the time - be yourself and you'll be more lovable.

* Logic. Some girls tend to act all dumb and stupid around guys - well, you may think it's cute but it's definitely not. Most men will just take advantage you if you do, and girls who act more like their normal self are usually the ones that guys go serious for. Being smart is also an edge.

* Finesse. It's vital for a girl to stay pretty and confident all the time - not just for guys alone but for herself too. Having poise, manners and knowing how to carry yourself through any situation adds up to your power to charm the male species even more.

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