When is a Woman Ready For Marriage? 5 Signs She's All Set to Walk Down the Aisle With You

Published: 19th October 2009
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Marriage is a big deal, one very sacred thing in a man's life --- it's when you say goodbye to your bachelor days, the flirting days, the hooking-up with lots of girls days and simply, drowning into love and finally settling up with the girl you've been in love with. Such heavy words, isn't it? So what if you're all set to say "I do" but you're still getting some doubts whether she'll say yes or no --- don't worry. Reading your girlfriend's mind and knowing if she's ready for marriage is a piece of cookie. Nothing can be more crystal clear. But if you insist, here the tips to know when is a woman ready for marriage --- and finally find out the five signs she's all set to walk down the aisle with you:

* She lets you know about it. It may be subtle signs of course --- you need to read between her lines. And you're probably heard it a couple of times before how'd she'd love to spend the rest of her life with you and grow old with you. Hello? It has marriage written all over her face. Better pop the question soon.

* She talks of the future. Future plans, career, where she'd like to settle in, number of cats in the house, even the color of the curtains --- these are all indications of a woman in love who is ready to tie the knot with the man of her dreams. Oh, did she mention she loves breakfast in bed?

* She talks about having kids. Kids can be a very sensitive topic and even newly weds or married couples for years have a hard time discussing it --- depends on the priorities of course. So when she does start to talk about it, there's never a clearer sign she wants to get hitched. And make babies soon!

* She excels in her career. She's inspired, period. She's finally found a purpose in her life and she's investing on her career to make both your lives comfortable (she expects the same for you of course). Support her in her passions, be her number one fan and she'll definitely be the same for you.

* She keeps talking about her friends who're already hitched. A little envy and jealousy on her part? You bet there is. She loves seeing her good old friends walking down the aisle and finally getting settled with their partners and she's always whining about being "always the bride's maid, never the bride." Okay, can you be denser than you already are? Go find a ring and pop the question tonight!

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