Women's Flirting Body Language - The 5 Skills You Need to Decode What She Really Means

Published: 15th October 2009
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It is a fact that the women's flirting body language is definitely not just something obvious and predictable - that's definitely far from it and what's more, it is an art that should be learned and mastered. Now, when a woman starts flirting, you may sometimes think that maybe it's just your imagination or you're plainly just seeing things but what you need to know is that it's prime time you start understanding and taking notice of your flirty side as well - it's inevitable when you're already bitten by the stinging bite of attraction. So when a woman's flirting body language starts to show, you wouldn't just sit there all night until she gets bored and hook-up with somebody else instead! Below are the top five skills you need to decode what she really means:

* Sensitivity. Every man should show a little of his sensitive side every once in while, but do you know the best kind of sensitivity? It's about being sensitive with her needs --- and they're very evident through their body language. Watch out --- it may mean so much more than just a sexy hair flip or a seemingly innocent licking of the lips --- they may be indications she's already attracted to you.

* Sensuality. Every girl longs for a great lover. Most of them would even agree that if it's not someone worth it, then they'd rather be not involved at all. As noble as it sounds, most women would still dream of their knight-in-shining armor to come rescue them sooner or later that's why you should try to unleash your inner Romeo every once in a while.

* Confidence. A man is technically nothing without confidence --- especially if it involves women. You may think it really cool and predictable if you just saunter into a semi-crowded bar and you instantly grab attention just by the power of your presence --- confidence helps you attain this status.

* Creativity. That means you need to do it the old school way sometimes --- you need to know a couple of sleek moves, probably even just one clever pick up line and the classic follow-up questions to keep her interested during a conversation. Or better yet, add a little flip --- that's what we call creativity. She will definitely be impressed.

* Imagination. Although it's totally pointless to be paranoid of how she'll going to react, or you have this endless fear of being rejected, why not put all of your hidden energy and hyperactivity into something more constructive? Why not expect for the best? When we radiate optimism and be a little positive, we attract all things positive as well --- so practice on looking at the brighter side of things! It's going to be one total transformation, I tell you.

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