Zodiac Love Match - Surefire Ways to Make a Gemini Chase You

Published: 18th May 2009
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Capturing the heart of a Gemini may be quite hard work. They have dual personalities, and they can get pretty superficial and inconsistent, plus the fact that they can get elusive. However, they are very flexible beings and can be multi-talented and resourceful. They can be great lovers but it's going to be quite a challenge. Here are some of their other characteristics plus surefire ways to make a Gemini chase you, and get ready for an exciting, worth-the-wait love life!

Remember though that Geminis tend to be fickle in love and they have a very unpredictable emotional nature, thus, it could be hard to pursue them if you have a very stable personality. They do not take things seriously but if they do, they become totally deeply attached to it, that's why when pursuing them, you must be excellent at being patient.

Now, how do you make them pursue you instead?

It's easy: Be exactly like a Gemini. Be laid-back, unattached and unpredictable, and this will make them feel that your world does not revolve around them. They are fascinated with intrigue and stimulation but they also value their freedom a lot. They love to be pursued so act like you want to be pursued as well. Do not give in to their every whim, instead, project an aura of independence and you can even add some air of haughtiness as well. Geminis can be a bit spoiled and it won't hurt if you try to be like a brat yourself. It's time to sharpen your brain power. Geminis love mind games and they can be quite clever and will engage you in a battle of wits.

Beware however, because people under this sign are two-faced, and it works for them. Some may appear totally sensitive today but will be hostile to sentimentality tomorrow. They may appear head over heels at you yesterday, and then treat you like a total stranger next week. Don't worry. That happens when a Gemini is not yet ready to prioritize their feelings. Be lighthearted, calm and flirt a little --- eventually, if you're lucky, she'll get smitten and take you seriously at last.

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